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Maneuvering Your Way to Success
Whether in business or in life we are constantly being faced with the unknown.  To be successful, knowing how to navigate between point A and point B is not nearly enough.  We need to learn how to Maneuver the Unknown.
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Maneuvering Your HR Transformation
The new world of Human Resources cloud solutions has created a new opportunity for Human Resources teams and the businesses they support to break away from the old rules.I work with leaders of companies to not only deploy Workday but to redefine the role of Human Resources.
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Are you ready for your group to be challenged?
Invite James to speak at your next event. James speaks the truth, backed by personal experience, current research and trends, and colorful real life stories.
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Shifting from
“Average” to “Great”

James is trained in the breakthrough methods of the Core Energy Coaching Process. He comes along side you, and can address the very basics of change and help you achieve extraordinary results in your life, career, and business.
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Maneuvering Your Career
20 Strategies to Prepare You for Voluntary (or Involuntary) Career Transition.

This book is an Award Winner in the Readers Favorite Book Contest, with rave reviews.

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Maneuvering Your Workday Deployment
15 Strategies to Deliver the Promises Made to the C-Suite

A Guide for Human Resources Executives, Project Leaders, and Deployment Teams.

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James is an exceptional and passionate career coach with an ability to connect with various individuals with a broad range of professional experience, from newly graduated to very experienced individuals. I was part of a team that organized a career development workshop, with James as the guest speaker. Working with James was a pleasure, as he constantly showed great passion and drive in an inspirational manner.” 

-Adetunji Onikoyi, Director of Research and Development at Nurturenergy

Workday Human Capital Management

“Sweeping global changes are reshaping the workplace and workforce—and work itself. Emphasis is shifting toward smarter decisions and employee engagement. And as a result, it has become more important than ever for HR to streamline processes, empower workers, collaborate across the organization, and align teams with strategic business initiatives.”

Workday, Inc. is an on‑demand (cloud-based) financial management and human capital management software vendor. The Workday system unifies a wide range of HR functionality into a single system. The software provides benefits, talent management, payroll, time tracking, compensation, workforce planning, learning and recruiting.

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Maneuvering Your HR Cloud Workday Deployment

Delivering the Promises Made to the C-Suite

Congratulations, you just selected Workday to replace your old legacy HR systems.  Now what?  Are you a Human Resources Executive, Project Leader, or a member of the deployment team?  This book is your guide to Maneuvering Your Workday Deployment.


James follows his own advice from his Award-Winning Book “Maneuvering Your Career” in Chapter 7 – Learning for Life.  Here are some of James’s certifications and credentials: