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No one ever told me!

Just like everybody else, whenever I get on a plane, I go through the TSA line. I go by numerous signs and public announcements - but never read them. I am either in a hurry, or looking at my phone, or just waiting for the guy ahead of me to hurry up. Or worse, I am...

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All Aboard! to Maneuver Your Career

I just attended the IHRIM Workforce Analytics Forum in Chicago. IHRIM stands for the International Association for Human Resources Information Management. Why did I attend? Because that is what people do who Maneuver their Career. They support their profession, they...

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Maneuvering Your Career – A Real Hot Story!

LinkedIn provides many of us a chance to write, publish, and share our thoughts with the world.  How many of you see the pictures and read the stuff and think, “Yeah right – not in the Real world?” Let me tell you a real-world story about searching for that next job...

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