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LinkedIn provides many of us a chance to write, publish, and share our thoughts with the world.  How many of you see the pictures and read the stuff and think, “Yeah right – not in the Real world?”

Let me tell you a real-world story about searching for that next job or “gig”.  I not only write about it in my book, Maneuvering Your Career, I actually live it.  My real job is as a HR Transformation consultant.  So, I am always on the lookout for the next gig.  Since I consult with companies on new HR processes including talent acquisition, I am always applying for jobs.  I consider it research.  My friends tell me I do it for sport.  It is amazing the different experiences job seekers face, and the companies that provide such a dismal first impression.  If my experience was especially horrendous, I have even been known to look up the Chief Human Resources Officer on LinkedIn, and send some feedback.  I, of course, offer my services to help improve the experience.  I haven’t gotten a gig that way yet – but hey, it is a method.  I have received a few “sorry and thank you’s.”

Back to my story.  My wife and I recently purchased some land in a different part of the country, with the dream of someday building our retirement home.  Because I offer services for what is Hot right now in my industry – I searched for those Hot contacts in this “new territory”.  I sent out LinkedIn InMails to introduce myself to several people who are also working on what is Hot.  I offered my help to their clients, and asked for any referrals to any customers or projects needing assistance.  I explained that I was looking to grow my network in my “new territory.”  My response rate was about 90%.  This was followed up by phone calls, interviews, and promises of future connections.  Of course, these great resources also became my 1st connections on LinkedIn.

Long story short – I landed a new gig in my “new territory”.  The nice thing is that this gig will allow me to grow my connections even larger in my “new territory”, so I can get even more gigs – and who knows – maybe even build that new dream house sooner than planned.  How is that for Maneuvering Your Career?

So, what are you doing to Maneuver Your Career?  You can read all the advice you want to on LinkedIn and several other sources.  But, nothing happens unless you take action.  What would it look like if you were the recruiter – and you started recruiting for your next gig?  You can do that within your current company, or for that company you want to work for next.  You can do that where you live today, or where you want to live someday.  Make that someday today.