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Just like everybody else, whenever I get on a plane, I go through the TSA line. I go by numerous signs and public announcements – but never read them. I am either in a hurry, or looking at my phone, or just waiting for the guy ahead of me to hurry up. Or worse, I am looking at those disgusting people in the line in front of me. Those of us that travel a lot, get frustrated by those who rarely travel. They don’t know the protocol. They have way too much jewelry on, or they don’t take their laptop out of their bag. Not to mention the liquids. Why don’t they know the rules? Then you get those people in front of you that are just wearing flip flops. They take them off, and then walk barefoot into the scanner. Gross. Those little yellow feet painted on the floor in the scanner where EVERYBODY in line in front of you have put their feet is probably the most disgusting place in the airport.

I am way too busy to be reading anything posted in the TSA line. Then I saw this…

Did you read it, or just go past the picture? It says that effective January 22, 2018 your Missouri driver’s license will no longer be good enough to get on a plane. It is time to be sure you have a valid passport.

How many times do we walk by a sign or poster, and pay no attention? As I work with companies on HR Transformation efforts, one of the most common things I hear is “Why didn’t anyone tell me this was changing?” After we have designed and managed an entire months long change and communications campaign, utilized every existing communications tool used within the organization, including emails, newsletters, videos, posters in the elevators and restrooms, monthly all employee magazines, cafeteria table tents, and leader talking points – we still hear “No one told me.”

I finally can see the advantage of people not reading notices. This TSA change has a potential advantage. I am hoping for shorter lines at the airport come next January because a lot of my Missouri friends with flip flops will be riding the bus.